Image Analysis and Computer Vision

Politecnico di Milano, 2023/2024

This page collects material for the Image Analysis and Computer Vision course taught by Prof. Caglioti at the Politecnico di Milano. In particular, you will find material for the practical sessions given by Prof. Giacomo Boracchi and me. You can consult both weebep and Prof. Boracchi’s page for other resources.

Theses in Computer Vision available!

If you are interested in doing a thesis in Computer Vision send an email to schedule a meeting! We will update you on the latest opportunities available.


  • Shared folder collecting the “todo” source files and the data I used during the practical sessions.
  • The template for the report of the final project: zip file

First practical session

  • Introduction to MatLab: demo code.
  • Introduction to image processing in MatLab: demo code.
  • Homogenous coordinates, points line and duality: demo code.
  • Drawing a cube in isometric projection: demo code.

I’m sorry but the audio recording of the first lecture didn’t start, you can see the recording from last year.

Second practical session

  • Vanishing points, vanishing lines and affine rectification: demo code.
  • Affine measurements of objects on a plane: demo code.
  • Conic estimation via DLT: demo code.
  • Horizon from three equally spaced coplanar lines: demo code.


Third practical session

Here are some of the functions employed (please note that these functions are for didactic purposes only). Recording.

Fourth practical session


Fifth practical session (by Prof. Boracchi)

Eight practical session